Ancient Astronaut Moon Hoodie

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We're a go for undocking. Rodger, Eagle...undock. The Sea of Tranquility - The first infamous lunar landing site, chosen for more than an astrological alignment reflecting the specific date - Upon descending, Artificial Moon Structures set off a radar alarm known as 1202, alerting astronauts to 20 story buildings running parallel to the lunar module.

There All Along

Camouflaging Astronauts is an ancient security precaution practiced by aliens who are definitely calling our Moon their home. Building? More likey two-hundred-foot hooded aliens. 

This secretly back-engineered technology is replicated in a heavyweight French terry fabric making for a refined garment that also allows for us Humans to wear, with its set-in sleeve construction, and cotton/spandex ribbing.

  • Pullover Hoodie
  • 100% cotton
  • 350 gsm heavyweight French terry
  • Standard fit
  • 2 piece lined hoodie
  • Front pouch pocket
  • Black base, threading to match
  • Moon Grey Drawstrings